Project 908 is a board company based in Columbus, Ohio. We currently manufacture Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs), Land SUPs, Fit Boards, Skateboards and Longboards. Project 908 is dedicated to sourcing our manufacturing materials domestically and when possible from within Ohio. We do not pretend to manufacture, we are the manufacturers! That’s right, we do it all ourselves, from design, to machining, shaping and fiberglassing.


Supply innovative products of the highest quality

Keep our customers happy

Increase awareness of what Mother Nature offers

Promote healthy living

Support the community

From Hero USA to St. Jude, with help from our friends and supporters we’ve been able to help raise thousands of dollars for charity. We hope to be able to continue to increase our support as you help us grow.


Project 908 started in Nate Wollenburg's garage in 2010. After first hearing about Standup Paddleboarding (SUP), he knew it was a sport in which he had to get involved. As a Materials Science Engineer, his career steered him away from his childhood goal of making great sporting goods and this was the opportunity to rekindle that passion. With the help of his brother Ben, his buddy Aaron, and unwavering support from his family (mostly Maria, his wife) he started down the path of making SUPs in Ohio.

Much needed to be learned as they had no prior experience shaping, glassing, or finishing boards. But, with the help of friends and family, insight from experienced board-riders, and plenty of trial and error they are now proud to say that Project 908 produces world-class SUPs in Columbus, Ohio.

By bringing an engineer's approach to this project, everything has been questioned and designed with purpose in order to create unique, lightweight, strong, high performance SUPs. They've partnered with Materials Science and Engineering students at The Ohio State University to evaluate different composite materials for wrapping the board, as well as, worked with Aerospace Engineering students to design the fastest race board possible. By using the latest modeling software and engineering principles, our boards are not only designed in here in Columbus, but they are engineered and manufactured in the Heart of It All.

Family of SUPpers